Tally Green HOA Board of Directors/Officers

President:  Christian Wood  president@tallygreen.com

Vice President:  Mark Onori  vp@tallygreen.com

Secretary:  Kelly Killimett  secretary@tallygreen.com

Treasurer:  Michael Sherwood  treasurer@tallygreen.com

VP of Covenants:  Lisa Payrow  vpcovenants@tallygreen.com

Board Member at Large:  Susan Sharrow  memberatlarge@tallygreen.com

Board Member at Large:  Marc Waddell  memberatlarge@tallygreen.com

Tally Green HOA Committee Chairs

Welcoming:  Nicole Mason  welcome@tallygreen.com

Landscaping:  Alex Evans  landscape@tallygreen.com

Tennis:  Elise Carter  tennis@tallygreen.com

Pool:  Mark Onori  pool@tallygreen.com

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